Sponsor a Missionary

Carlos Torres                11/6/1983                                                                                                                                      Silvia                               5/24/1985
Jaqueline                       10/26/2003
Carlitos                          10/11/2006
Brandon                         2/25/2008
Brian                               2/25/2008

  Carlos and his wife Sylvia have been married over eight years.  They have not always walked with the Lord.  When their daughter was four years old, she followed her dad up a ladder to the roof of their house.  He didn’t know she was up there with him and when she went to look over the side she fell off the roof and landed on her head on the concrete.  The Dr. told them she may not live and if she did she may not walk or talk. They called Sylvia’s parents to pray and her mother told her they would but felt God wanted her and Carlos to pray and trust the Lord for their daughter.  God healed her and today at nine she is smart, runs, plays, talks and keeps up with her brothers with no problems.  This brought Carlos and his wife to the Lord and changed their lives.  He is now a full time student and needs your support.  He started a bible club at his house and had 35 kids the first night.  The next week he had 45 kids, 11 adults and 10 people accepted Christ.  The next week 11 more accepted Christ.  We have built an addition onto the front of his small three room house to have a large room to use as the meeting area.  He does devotionals and prayer at a police station six times a week,  a fire station twice a week, runs his church and attends classes.  He  attends a Saturday program to learn to be a machinist in  preparation for his future.  (contact Servant Senders to sponsor Carlos)

Eduardo Morales  Martinez    9/24/1977

Eduardo Morales Martinez  Eduardo is an amazing man. We met him through one of our students at V.B.S.and kids club.  He was patient with the kids, helped where he was need and was a quiet godly man. His struggle was that he was crippled from the waist down by polio when he was around five months old.  He gets around with crutches, lives near his mom to care for her, (she is diabetic and an amputee).  Mexico is a hard place if you have a disability.   His mom made sure he finished high school because in his culture there is very few opportunities for a handy capped person.  So when we asked him if he was interested in the Servant Senders program he asked us, “you see my disability, what can I do?”  We told him his problem was not his legs, but his mind, and he could do whatever the Lord called him to do if he was willing.  So he joined us at Servant Senders. Eduardo tutors our other students that are learning to read and do math. He is pastoring at his home church when the pastor is in the hospital with diabetes. He also goes to a police station six times a week, and leads devotions, and prays for the police. We went south on an outreach five hours into Mexico to a group of small towns called rancheros and in two days saw 93 people receive Christ. His heart is to return to these rancheros and set up a Bible study in each town a different night of the week.  His heart is to make disciples. He needs a vehicle that is trustworthy to do this ministry.   (contact Servant Senders to sponsor Eduardo)

Isaac Rodríguez                7/2/1966
Concha                              12/5/1968
Ricardo                              4/3/2002
Daniel                                 3/24/2006

Isaac Rodriquez   Isaac was very wild he sold and used drugs well into his thirties . He got involved in many gun fights with gangs and drug dealers. The Lord had his hand on him protecting him, because he should be dead from his experiences. Isaac and Concepcion have been married for 23 years. Isaac received the Lord about seven years ago.  His wife had known the Lord since she was a child.  A Christian lady shared the Lord with him one day and he considered what he had done with his life. He decided to to leave that life for the promise of a new beginning with Jesus.  He prayed the sinner’s prayer and God changed his heart and his life.  He began attending church and the Lord has blessed him and his wife. His wife is much happier with her husband and the life they now have.  He loves the chance to search God’s word, receive more training and be able to reach others that are headed down the dead end road he was on.  Many of his friends in the past have died and many more will without the knowledge of Christ.  He had no real education and did not know how to read. He is now reading at a second grade level and is learning to comprehend what he reads. He has started two home fellowships. His heart is to disciple others. He goes twice a week to a line of bus drivers to share Christ and pray with them; to the downtown plaza to share with the shop keepers and the homeless; and to the local flea markets to tell the sellers and buyers the good news.   (contact Servant Senders to sponsor Isaac)

Reyes Javier Ocón Ibarra    10/22/1966                                                                                                                                               Isabel                                     11/20/1965
Monserrat                              10/09/1989
Fatima                                    9/25/2003

Javier Ocón Ibarra.  Javier finished 6th grade, went off to work, got married, had a few kids and got caught up in the pleasures of the world, and focused on gaining money and possessions, enjoying drinking excessively with his friends, and being a macho guy. His money came from  buying new and used electronics of all sorts hauling them back to Mexico and selling them for a large profit. This party life style caused Javier’s wife to divorce him and his children to care little for him. Living in the fast lane, he finally got into some trouble and his visa was taken away and he was sent back to Mexico. He was on his own, had been divorced for four years, and found himself back in Mexico with no friends and no support. While living in his mom’s home, he showed up at the church looking for some kind of hope. Juan a graduate of our program and the pastor, led him to the Lord, helped him find hope in a new life. Juan counseled him, took him through Self Confrontation, a Biblical counseling course which changed his life and way of thinking.  Soon he and his ex-wife were talking again. Then the Lord helped him restore his relationship with his wife and children. He and his wife are now remarried and Javier is a student at Servant Senders. He is Juan’s assistant at the church, ministers to the police 6 times a week, and at the fire station near his house.  He has a weekly two hour bible study with his mom, friends and family via conference call to Arizona.   (contact Servant Senders to sponsor Javier)


José Luis Rivas           3/20/1967
Isabel                            8/17/1974
Victor                           10/5/1997
Danitzy                          9/8/1999
Luis                              12/9/2004

Jose Luis Rivas.  Jose Luis is a Godly man, finished 9th grade, is married and has four step children.  His job before Servant Senders was driving a gas truck and delivering gas and was making $150 a week with benefits.  He lives on the west side of Cd. Juarez in a four room house.  He and his wife, Isabel, have huge hearts for children, especially  the single parent families that are often gone trying to find work or working to survive leaving their children in the care of others or with older siblings sometimes only eight years old.    He has a kids club at his home one day a week with about 35 kids. His other kids club is about 15 minutes away from his home in an area of many junk yards. That program has about 45 kids and some adults and is held in the street or   someone’s front yard.  Even in the freezing cold they come. He has autistic kids, blind kids, and kids with other handicaps in his programs and his heart breaks for them. He, his wife and children teach these children and their parents about the Lord and feed them whatever they can as funds allow. He became a part of Servant Senders to learn more about the word of God in order to teach these children and hopefully their families as the Lord leads.  He also ministers at one of the fire stations and police station six times a week.   (contact Servant Senders to sponsor Jose Luis)

José “Pepe” Muro              4/11/1969
Verónica “Vedo”                 2/20/1972
 Josue                                  9/27/2004
Carolina                               7/13/2006

Jose “Pepe” Muro  Pepe had been drug addict for most of his life and his wife grieving the loss of a full term baby girl and tired of his abuse and had kicked him out to protect her and the two children. Pepe showed up five years ago at the gates of one of our churches begging for food and help. The men of the church took him under their wing, helped him find a place to live, helped him find Jesus, and started discipling him. The Lord worked a miracle, took the drugs away, changed his heart and restored him to his wife and kids.  He desired to enter the program since first finding the Lord, but we told him he would have to wait. We wanted to see him grow in his walk with the Lord, learn to depend on the Lord, live a Godly life, work on his marriage and family to rebuild trust and to learn to trust and seek the Lord. During those 2 years he sold burritos in the down town area and was a night guard at a private Christian School. Having done as he was asked, we prayed about it and felt he was ready to enter Servant Senders.  He continues to show a passion for the Lord and a desire to follow and serve Him.  He has a kids club at his home for about 45 kids and teaches over 100 men and women in a rehab-soup kitchen Saturday mornings.  He is the person responsible for getting us into all of the nine fire stations in Juarez to minister. Pepe  goes to five of the stations on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to give a devotion and pray with the firemen and paramedics.   (contact Servant Senders to sponsor "Pepe")

 Sponsor a Pastor

Erick Ugarte                     3/26/1967
Rosario                             3/16/1974
Ana Crystal                      10/31/2001
Jordan Levi                       7/12/2003

ERICK  UGARTE  Erick was from Guatemala.  He grew up wanting to serve the Lord and had a plan to go to the U.S. and earn enough money to buy  instruments and teach music as a way to reach the youth in Guatemala.  He never made it past Juarez.  He met and married Rosario and got involved in a Nazarene church serving the Lord in the area of music and did carpentry on the side.  He joined us at Servant Senders with a hunger to study the word and know more about God.  He was a great student and loved to learn.  He has a servants heart always looking for ways to serve he Lord.  When he was younger he traveled southwest in Mexico in small villages sharing Christ and has always had a heart for that area.  When a request came for the need of a pastor in Honduras  he prayed about it and said he would go.  It was a huge time of growth in their family as his wife had never lived away from her family or Juarez.  Ten months later they had to leave that ministry and return to Mexico. Now he is back in Juarez and pastors a church on the east side and is doing well.  It is growing again and he is working on improvement projects to improve the church for the congregation.  He also is going to the police six times a week and doing devotions, prayer and counseling as needed.  He is teaching in a rehab center on Friday afternoons and doing outreach and evangelism.   (contact Servant Senders to sponsor Erick)


Juan Escobedo             8/7/1969
Arsceli                           12/26/1979                                                                                                                         Alizon                             8/27/2001                                                                                                                                             Vanessa                          2/4/2004

JUAN ESCOBEDO    While helping coach soccer with kids from an orphanage near his home 10 years ago;  the director of the orphanage shared Christ with him. In July of 2003 he accepted Christ as his personal savior as did his wife and two children.  His life changed from a man that liked his beer and buddies to a Christian in love with God.  Juan is now dependent on the things of the Lord and how the Lord would direct his life.  Juan knows he was called to pastor. His desire is to make disciples. He has learned a lot in the Servant Senders program has had a lot of experience in leading others to Christ and disciplining them in the word of God.  Juan and his wife Araceli, are pastoring a Calvary Chapel in Juarez that was handed over to them as the other pastor moved on.  Juan also teaches men at a rehab center and ministers to the firemen and paramedics at the local fire station. He has a children’s program “Feed My Little Sheep” on Wednesdays before and after school, at the church where 80 children receive a good meal, a Bible lesson, hygiene class, and help with homework . He also has an outreach to young teen boys with a soccer team. They meet weekly, have a devotional, practice, play and are challenged to apply what they learn about Christ at home.  Before entering the Servant Senders program Juan was a cook at a factory, working six days a week for eight or more hours and two or more hours of travel to and from making $100 per week.   To be a supporter in prayer and finances for Juan, is to support a pastor and a church in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.   (contact Servant Senders to sponsor Juan)