Sponsor a Child

Feed My Little Sheep:

Is a program to feed, teach and invest in the lives of children in a war-torn Cd. Juarez, Mexico. The drug war over the past few years has caused fear, desperation, and a loss of hope for young and old alike. Families live in constant poverty and violence. We, at Servant Senders desire to train leaders in order to break that cycle, and recognize that children are the next generation of leaders. 

Every week children come to 'Feed My Little Sheep' children's program for a Bible lesson, scripture memory, a meal, hygiene lessons, and help with school work.  If needed, we supply clothes, shoes, and help pay for costly school fees.  Your support for one child gives then a future and a hope, a way to break the cycle of poverty, and  chance to dream.  Please consider making a difference in one child's life with your support of $35 per month/ $420 per year.


The $35 per month/ $420 per year sponsor ship of a child will provide the child with:

  • A Safe Environment
  • Tutoring
  • Bible Studies Including Stories and Crafts
  • 1 Meal
  • School Supplies and Materials
  • School Uniform and Shoes (if needed)
  • Lessons on Personal Hygiene

If you or your church would like to sponsor a child to receive a meal, help with homework, a Bible lesson, and to provide a refuge, please contact Servant Senders for the following:
  • Portfolio of a Child  (example below)
  • One Year Commitment Agreement
  • Information on Where and When to Send Your Support

The Lord bless you for helping feed the sheep spiritually and physically, in the war torn city of Juarez.
(100% of collected support benefits the children)

Portfolio Example: