Feed My Little Sheep

Times are very hard for the single mom who has to work. Her choice is put her children in an orphanage or to lock her children in their home or inside the gates of the home and hope all goes well.  Her work requires 10 to 12 hr days, five to six days a week.  Children as young as six years old stay with younger siblings and baby sisters or brothers.  Their mom leaves food, drinks, and instructions, then she leaves them and prays all will go well until she can return.  As these children grow up school may be a part of there early childhood, but without a parent or adult to supervise, direct, encourage, and guide them school becomes difficult and many quit.  These children grow up wild and are often taken advantage of by older neighbors, abused by local teens, mom’s boyfriends and other adults. Many end up joining a gang for protection even though they will be abused by the other members of the gang it is a sense of family.  Some will withdraw and have a variety of mental issues. We see ten, eleven and twelve year old girls having babies, alone and hungry for love and acceptance they turn to predators who will use and abuse them.  They may also deal with a mom that had them very young and never learned to love herself and may sell her children for money to eat with.  These children are robbed of their childhood, threatened and lied to and grow up broken only to repeat the cycle.

There are approximately 25 orphanages in the border city of Cd. Juarez. They house, feed, cloth, and send children to school.  Some teach Christian values and are ran by Christians and others by the government or Catholic organizations. One thing for sure, if you want to get people involved on both sides of the border and raise funds, just open an orphanage.  Over 3/4th of the children in orphanages have a parent and or extended family.  A single parent without help from  family has little choice but to put their children in an orphanage to be cared for or lock them up and leave them home alone while they work to survive.  There are very few daycare centers.  As time goes by the problem is that the parent visits less and less.  They feel guilty, the children cry and beg to be taken home.  The parent sees that the children are cared for more so than what they could be doing and rationalize it is a better life for them. They begin to emotionally separate.  Soon a new relationship begins out of need and loneliness and unfortunately often times a new baby is part of that.  They may marry, but usually the new man doesn’t want to care for some other mans children so the current children are left at the orphanage.  Or he may abandon her and after a while a baby is born and the cycle is repeated.

Feed My Little Sheep is designed to physically feed the children which are often times starved and suffering from forms of malnutrition, and equally important, feed the spirits of these little ones with the “Word of God” while offering a safe haven. Our program targets the many children we see on a daily basis in the streets, at home alone, without supervision, failing school, dropping out by 4th or 5th grade. The only future they look forward to is repeating the cycle of poverty, abuse, drugs, gangs, prostitution, promiscuity,  babies having babies, and all the insecurities they have grown up in.  After or before school these little ones come to one of our locations to receive, a meal, help with homework, classes in bible, English, music, hygiene and other activities that will help with their education, self confidence. We desire to help them develop a love and trust in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Sponsorship is only $35 per month per child.