National Missionary

Servant Senders National Missionary program equips Mexican men already involved in some kind of ministry. These men must have demonstrated that they, by their actions, desire to serve the Lord and would do more if education and training were provided.
With an average education level of 5th grade  and a weekly wage of $50 to $80, it is impossible to do much more than support a family. For example: housing costs $30 to $50 per month for the land, (more if they have a house and did not build it themselves), $10 per month for water, $11 for a tank of gas to cook, and $15 for electricity. This doesn’t include food, bus fare, clothes, medical, and other normal  living expenses. Those who are fortunate enough to have work leave at dawn to ride a bus for an hour or more, work eight to ten hours, and then have an hour or more ride home. The work is often six or even seven days a week, which leaves very little time for family, church, or ministry.
 Servant Senders realizes that National Missionaries, when equipped, are far better at reaching their own people for the Lord Jesus. They already know the language, understand the culture; therefore, are able in a more authentic way to preach Jesus Christ. They understand the background of their people and the existing  religious system.  This understanding can be used as a starting point and can lead into teaching about a relationship with God and about His grace and mercy.

Three Year Program

Candidates are found in the different areas of town in which we do outreach, through local churches, or by word-of-mouth from pastors with whom we network and by ministries with whom we come along side.
The process begins with an application and 
continues with references, followed by spending time with the candidate and his family. This process is covered in continued prayer.
Partnership occurs when an American church or individual agrees to support the student financially and prayerfully. The expectation is that the student be viewed as an extension of their church and as a missionary sent out by them.
Two or three churches can partner to support one student. Support is sent to Servant Senders and is given weekly.
Accountability is our part of the partnership. Servant Senders will monitor the student’s progress, coordinate their schedule, secure the teachers, and oversee their training.
The supporting church will be informed of the student’s development and needs.
The schedule is set by Servant Senders. Any changes or variance must be agreed upon by the directors of Servant Senders and teachers of the student.

 Sample Schedule:

Monday & Thursday—Discipleship training                                           
Tuesday - Adult education
Wednesday & Friday - Work projects for different ministries, outreach with teams, teaching in a ministry, learning a trade to later support their ministry and learning how to serve.
Saturday – Evangelistic outreach and discipleship
Sunday - Day of worship, involvement in church

Support of Students

National missionary training is a 3 year program.
If you or your church would like to support a National Missionary, or be a partner in supporting a student please  contact Servant Senders for the following:

 *Portfolio of a student or pastor.
 *Information on where and when to send your support

Monthly support per student is $520
(100% of collected support benefits students)

This support can be by one church or a group of individuals or churches as the Lord leads. For just $30 a month you can be a part of their lives

God bless you for helping to Send Out Servants to the harvest fields.