Send Out Servants  

Servant Senders is a ministry based in Cd. Juarez, Mexico.  The purpose of this ministry is to equip God’s people to “go and share the gospel” of Jesus Christ. We network with ministries already in existence, sharing their experience, while training servants to serve.

National Missionary                                               

Our National Missionary program for Mexican Nationals partners the student with an American church or Christian individuals willing to support them for three years while they receive the tools needed to reach their own people.

     Project and Outreach 

Our Project and Outreach program hosts teams willing to come and give time to change lives of the needy for the better, giving them a hand-up, not a hand-out.

     Feed My Little Sheep

Feed My Little Sheep program partners American churches and individuals willing to support the children in the program which are often times starved and suffering from forms of  malnutrition, and equally important, feed the spirits of these little ones with the “Word of God” while offering a safe haven.